In the Mud Grant Used to fund a Revolutionary Podcast at Black Forest Community Church

Jesus Has Left the Building: Following the Revolutionary Jesus out of the church and into the world.

The pandemic of 2020 has forced us all to reimagine what our world looks like, and church ministry is no exception. For way too long, Jesus, the radical revolutionary of the Gospels, has been held hostage by a domesticated, polite, and watered-down church. What does it mean to follow Jesus? How do we leave the comforts of our old and familiar church life and do the hard work that Jesus is calling us to do? How can we reclaim the identity of “Christian” as the revolutionary way of Jesus? In this podcast, which serves as our worship offering for the fall, Marta and Mandy (and some special guests) explore these questions in order to help bring about God’s kin-dom, on earth as it is in heaven. For these inaugural weeks we will use the newly released book: Who a Will Be a Witness by Drew I.G. Hart to guide our conversations and stories.