Upcoming Trainings for Standing Requirements

In the Rocky Mountain Conference, we recognize that learning is a responsibility that continues throughout a ministerā€™s lifetime. This occurs through education, experience, and exposure. Lifelong Learning is the umbrella term the Committee on Ministry uses to define this process, and it includes Antiracism Training, Healthy Ministry Relationships (Boundary) Training, and Continued Learning. The Supportive Oversight Committee of the Committee on Ministry is responsible for defining requirements and supporting Authorized Ministers in understanding and completing these requirements.

If you’re looking to complete any of your required trainings, please explore some of the upcoming sessions and providers listed below.

Trainings with the Southern New England ConferenceĀ 

Trainings with Diane Weible

Trainings with LeaderWise

Trainings with Convergence

  • Learn at Your Own Pace: Boundary Awareness Training through Convergence

Retired Minister Boundary Training

Trainings with Diane Weible