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30 Minute Sanctuary

As part of the program for the RMC Annual Celebration in July, the Board of Directors sponsored a series...

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Annual Celebration 2020 Postponed

The Rocky Mountain Conference Board of Directors at a Special COVID-19 Response Meeting convened on April 6, 2020, approve...

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Two New Ministry Teams Added to Support RMC Churches Through Pandemic

Our Board of Directors has affirmed two new teams to help support our churches and leaders through the uncertain...

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RMC COVID-19 Statement

Dear Ministry Partners in the RMC: Southwest Conference minister, Rev. Bill Lyons, recently shared that the word “quarantine” comes from quaresima, the...

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An Important Statement From the RMC Board

The RMC Board of Directors met on Wednesday, March 11, and issued the following statement regarding swift measures in...

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Two New Board of Directors Positions

Greetings Rocky Mountain Conference Members, The Board of Directors is calling forward two new Board positions designed to focus...

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