Two New Board of Directors Positions

Greetings Rocky Mountain Conference Members,

The Board of Directors is calling forward two new Board positions designed to focus on key initiatives for the Conference.  To that end, we are looking for a New Ministry Development Board Member and Chairperson (who will start up a New Ministry Development Team) and a Funding Team Board Member and Chairperson (who will start up a Funding Team).

The New Ministry Development Chair will convene the New Ministry Development Team;  the team will develop their scope of work to include oversight of new ministries as they emerge, and help the Board allocate funding and other resources in support of emerging ministries in the Conference.

The Funding Chair will convene the Funding Team;  the team will develop their scope of work to include promoting Conference-wide funding initiatives (OCWM, Friends of the Conference, Per Capita) and creating, promoting and implementing new funding avenues.

Anyone who is interested in either of these teams may contact Allyson Stauffer, Nominating Committee Chair.

We are also seeking a Volunteer Scribe for the RMC Board of Directors.
The position entails:

  • Attending all RMC Board Meetings (6+/year) in person or by Zoom;
  • Taking concise minutes for the Board, proofing minutes, and submitting for Board review within 3 days of meeting completion;
  • Ensuring minutes are corrected and finalized per Board comments;
  • Filing completed minutes and attending documents in RMC document repository,
  • Maintaining and updating other continuing Board documents.

The intent of this position is to create long-term consistency for recording the Board’s action. The estimated time commitment is about 60 hours/year. Skills required include: Accuracy in note taking, proofreading, and attention to details; Persistence in curating critical documents; Accuracy in electronic naming and filing; Confidentiality.

If you are interested in the Volunteer Scribe position, please send a short email with your interest and qualifications to Sue Artt by April 22, 2019.