Two New Ministry Teams Added to Support RMC Churches Through Pandemic

Our Board of Directors has affirmed two new teams to help support our churches and leaders through the uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first is the Financial Resource Team. It will be led by RMC Board Member Mark Long from First Congregational UCC, Grand Junction. It will be comprised of members throughout the Conference whose mission will be to answer your questions regarding the possibility of additional financial support for your church. The team is still being formed, but you may begin sending requests to

The other team is the Pastoral Resource Network. This network, which Erin Gilmore is currently building, will be a resource to clergy and lay church leaders to help them meet increased pastoral care demands during this time of uncertainty. Whether you need an additional set of ears to help parishioners, or you need someone with which to share your personal concerns, this Pastoral Resource Network will be available to help share the burden we as clergy face during this trying time. 

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