Please Support Archway Today, by Jody Huntington

Hello all,           

In these difficult days it’s easy to TALK about what wrong in America.  It’s harder to DO something to change life for the marginalized.   We want to present to you three opportunities.  One is to make a financial gift for a critically important human need.  Two is to please share this message with your church members, and third is to forward this email to your friends and colleagues to enlist their help.

Archway Housing and Services (Archway),  an RMCUCC based 501(c)(3) non-profit, provides affordable housing to adults, children, and families throughout Colorado.  We currently have 641 units in 11 properties and are working every day to add new affordable apartments. In addition to safe housing, Archway provides families and youth opportunities to truly succeed in life and improve their economic, social and physical well-being.  Our Family Services team offers professional referrals to service providers, access to on-site food pantries, educational enrichment classes, after school activities, and summer educational programming for youth. 

From now until October 16, Archway is seeking to get people to donate to a special campaign through ‘A Community Thrives Challenge’. This is pivotal because if Archway gets enough in donations, we will be eligible to receive additional community grants for our critically needed work in Colorado. 

Donating to this campaign is simple. Just click on the link below to be taken to the organizational support page, then click on “Donate”. Simply enter your information, enter RMCUCC in the “Dedication” field, and you’re done!  While you are on the page, have a look at the video that explains why your help is so important.   While the video features a Latinx theme, we also serve many Black, Asian and White families, and individuals.

Fundraising Link:

If you are willing to help people and build a more just world, please donate today, and share this message with your friends and family.   

For more information about Archway, visit  

Thanks – Members of the RMCUCC and Archway Board of Directors, Rev. Robb Lapp; Rev. Lee Berg; David Nestor; Austin Hamre; and Jody Huntington 

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