“Going Solar” Webinar from UCC’s Creation Justice Ministries

Those of us in the RMC live in a pretty special place. It’s not uncommon for us to be able to ski in fresh powder, swim in a sparkling blue lake, and go for a bike ride on our town’s trail network—all in the same day!

This blessing we share also means that we are called to combat rapid climate change. it’s never been more urgent to care for our planet, and your local RMC church is an excellent place to start.

An Invitation from Rev. Brooks Berndt, UCC Minister for Environmental Justice:

“As part of the monthly Creation Justice Webinar series, the UCC has teamed with GreenFaith to offer a webinar designed to assist churches who are interested in going solar.

“On May 30 at 2pm (Eastern), the Rev. Fletcher Harper will address issues related to technology, finance, physical plant, communications, and more. Sign up today for this webinar! Also, look up past webinars or subscribe for monthly updates on future webinars.”