First United Church of Arvada Give “In the Mud” Grant Funds to Archway Housing Families

In 2019, First United Church of Arvada applied for and received a $500 In the Mud grant from the RMC.  The original purpose/use of the money was to be for an outing, in cooperation with Archway Housing & Services, for youth from several properties. Our members would have helped plan and chaperone the youth on the excursion. Then Covid hit making an outing impossible (or at least not wise!).  There was much discussion of how to now use the money that would still benefit the children who live in Archway Housing. It was decided that we would purchase 25 $20 gift cards to Walmart for families at the Willow Green Townhomes property in Arvada to use for school clothes and shoes for their children. The gift cards were delivered this week and we pray that they will be a blessing to those who receive them.

Many thanks to Robb Lapp for his help and wisdom as well as the FUCA Mission & Service Board, Ariel, the Family Services Coordinator for Archway Housing & Services and Alex, the Family Services Coordinator at Willow Green.

Kathy Hine, Mission & Service Chair