“Excellence in Ministry” Zoom Calls: Nov. 9 and 13

Below is an invitation to join the RMC in dialogue, from Conference Minister Rev. Sue Artt and Associate Conference Minister Rev. Erin Gilmore.


As a part of our many “RMC Forward” initiatives to redesign church to flourish in the 21st Century, the RMC is proposing a new Conference-wide “Excellence in Ministry Team” to manage the complexities of authorized ministry for both clergy and church leadership.

Designed to take advantage of our current volunteer levels and the advance of communications technology, this new model will seek the best balance between the centralization of functions (ministerial authorization, ethical training, fitness reviews, etc.), and upbuilding Association-based capacities such as crisis intervention and situational support.

An initial model was shared at all five Association Meetings in the last month. As we move into the full design stage, we will start with three Q&A/Listening sessions. Details are below, including the links you’ll click on in order to join these Zoom meetings.

All are invited to tune in to one or all three of these meetings, and encouraged to share your thoughts about how we can build a model to serve us well into the future.