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Whether you are a church staff member, clergy, or volunteer, if you do any administrative or communications work for your church, this group is for you!

The Network
Our goal is to build a community of church admins and communications people who are radically connected, share resources with one another, and feel equipped and empowered to lead their church in the 21st century.

Our meetings will typically take place on the third Thursday of the month from 4:00-5:00 pm. Registration for each meeting will be free, but space will be limited so you’ll need to register in advance. An email containing the Zoom link will be sent out to registrants shortly before each meeting.

What to Expect
We host a guided discussion with plenty of open time for feedback and questions. We’re here to build off of each other’s experience and knowledge base. All levels of technology users are welcome, our workshops will be engaging for beginners to intermediate users.

Upcoming Events

Online Worship: What’s the Point?
Thursday, January 21, 4-5:00 pm
Special guest: Rev. Erin Gilmore

In our first regathering as Co+Creatives since 2019, we’ll discuss online worship as a format for Sunday worship. What is the purpose? The pitfalls? The potential? How can we create an online worship experience that connects us as well or better than an in-person service? We’ll go over what’s been working well and what has been falling short in this open, honest, and judgment-free zone.


Camera Charisma: How to be an Engaging Leader Online
Thursday, February 18, 4-5:00 pm
Special guest: Melissa McCarl

Most of us are not accustomed to being on camera, or at least we weren’t before 2020. What makes video content engaging? How can you ensure an inviting experience for your viewers? What are some tips and tricks we can use to be more charismatic in our online communications?


Stories that Matter: Introduction
Thursday, March 18, 4-5:00 pm
Special guest: Melissa McCarl

Stories have the power to inform a well as transform us. They are central to who we are as humans. What story are you telling with your digital communication pieces? What story would you like to tell? In this intro to the Stories that Matter Series, we’ll discuss your communication goals and generate creative ideas for compelling story arcs that inspire your audience.

Stories that Matter: Workshopping Your Narrative
Thursday, April 15, 4-5:00 pm

Building on our previous meeting, we will present our story arcs and receive constructive advice from each other. We’ll also work through logistical considerations such as crafting a storyboard and a shot list. We’ll also cover equipment basics and simple filming best practices. Register Here

Stories that Matter: Video Editing
Thursday, May 20, 4-5:00 pm

In the final meeting of the Stories that Matter series, we’ll discuss options for video editing. We’ll also go over final editing and finishing for tone, style, and message. Register Here


We take a summer break June-August. Check back in the fall for new meeting times and topics!

Essential Guides:

Can’t make the meeting? No problem, if you sign up for the Co+Create Newsletter, you will receive a written guide outlining the basics of the month’s training, PLUS tons of additional resources including more training opportunities, premade holiday and event graphics, ready-to-use copy for national UCC events, and much, much more! Sign up and start improving your church communications today!

Need One-On-One Help?

Daryl Schreiber, Manager of Communication and Databases for the Rocky Mountain Conference, is available to RMC church staff and clergy for one-on-one support at any time. Simply email her to schedule a meeting to discuss your church’s communication challenges.