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Welcome to Co+Create! This space is designed for those who do administrative or communications work in their church. Our meetings cover a range of topics in the tech, design, and communication fields.

The Network
Our goal is to build a community of church admins and communications people who are radically connected, share resources with one another, and feel equipped and empowered to lead their church in the 21st century.

Our meetings will typically take place on the third Thursday of the month from 4:00-5:00 pm. Registration for each meeting will be free, but space will be limited so you’ll need to register in advance. An email containing the Zoom link will be sent out to registrants shortly before each meeting.

What to Expect
We host a guided discussion with plenty of open time for feedback and questions. We’re here to build off of each other’s experience and knowledge base. All levels of technology users are welcome, our workshops will be engaging for beginners to intermediate users.

Upcoming Events

Social Media for Churches
September 16, 4:00 PM
We’ll discuss basic best practices for the major social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. We’ll help you evaluate how your audience is responding to your social media posts and which platforms are worth your effort and how to set goals around social media engagement. Register here.

Website Best Practices
October 21, 4:00 PM
What should be on your home page? Do you need a “statement of faith” or “what to expect” section? How often should you be updating your website? Do churches need to bother with SEO? We’ll explore all these questions and more in the Website Best Practices meeting. Register here.

Newsletters and Annual Reports
November 18, 4:00 PM
More info coming soon!

December 9, 4:00 PM
More info coming soon!

2022 Meeting Schedule:
Jan 20, 2022 04:00 PM
Feb 17, 2022 04:00 PM
Mar 17, 2022 04:00 PM
Apr 21, 2022 04:00 PM
May 19, 2022 04:00 PM

Recent Events

Tech Anew (Annual Celebration 2021)
Join RMC Director of Communication, Daryl Schreiber, for this fun discussion about how technology is changing the way we do church – for the better! We’ll explore trends in digital ministry and see real case studies of out-of-the-box community building. 

Download the slideshow here.

Facing Workplace Burnout
Thursday, May 20, 4-5:00 pm
Have you been feeling your optimism waning lately? Are you having trouble deriving as much joy or purpose from your work, and finding it increasingly difficult to cope? Are symptoms of stress affecting you physically, mentally, or emotionally? You may be facing workplace burnout. In this special Co+Create meeting, we will talk about the symptoms of workplace burnout on church support staff. We’ll discuss how to address the causes of burnout and how to embrace a more healthy perspective by cultivating balance in your work and life.

Download the Slideshow

Essential Guides:

Can’t make the meeting? No problem, if you sign up for the Co+Create Newsletter, you will receive a written guide outlining the basics of the month’s training, PLUS tons of additional resources including more training opportunities, premade holiday and event graphics, ready-to-use copy for national UCC events, and much, much more! Sign up and start improving your church communications today!

Need One-On-One Help?

Daryl Schreiber, Manager of Communication and Databases for the Rocky Mountain Conference, is available to RMC church staff and clergy for one-on-one support at any time. Simply email her to schedule a meeting to discuss your church’s communication challenges.