Celebrating Easter and Commemorating Columbine at Columbine United Church

The Columbine shooting was a watershed moment in human history. It shocked the national psyche, waking the world to a new level of trauma that can occur in our schools, churches, and other community gathering places. That was 20 years ago, but as we all felt this week, the fear, grief, and turmoil of those events are never far from us.

It may not seem like a natural tie into the Easter holiday, with its pastel-hued celebration of spring, youth, and of course, candy. But Dr. Steve Poos-Benson, Senior Pastor of Columbine United Church, sees a natural fit between these two contrasting events.

“We wanted to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Columbine in a significant way, and have Easter be the focus,” said Dr. Poos- Benson. Like many UCC churches, Columbine United Church has a tradition of creating a flowered cross as a symbol of life. This year, a bouquet of roses will be at the center of the cross to commemorate victims of the shooting. After a moment of silence and candle lighting, children will come forth to place flowers on the Easter cross.

Easter is a celebration of new life and hope. Out of the death comes rebirth. On the heels of tragedy comes a miracle. This is our central story, and it is most relevant in times of darkness. All are invited to attend an Easter Service at Columbine United Church. For details, location, and service times see their website here.