An Urgent Request for Prayers of Peace

Dear Conference,

I am right now watching on TV, as I am sure are many of you, the most serious threat to U. S. democracy perhaps in the life of our nation.  Whereas I do not understand the remedies available in our government, but I do understand the power of the Holy Spirit.  

With that, I ask you and your communities to right now start hourly prayer continuous throughout this day:

for President Trump to lead his protestors out of this violent moment before someone gets injured;

for a blanket of ease to fall upon President Trump which allows him to accept the provisions of our Constitution regarding a peaceful transition of power and move in the coming days to uphold our Democracy;

for a cooling balm to fall upon the entire District of Columbia to calm this before it ignites;

for each protestor to feel at peace that their voice has been heard and turn to go home;

for each member of Congress and their staffs and all those staffing the Capitol, and all Capitol Hill Police and other peacekeeping agents to remain safe from harm until this matter settles;

for each of our neighbors who have opinions which differ from our own that we may find peaceable relations with one another;

for each of us so that we can live through this moment remembering Jesus’ command to love one another is our center.

Bless you all in this difficult moment, Rev. Sue Artt

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