Synod Spotlight: Daniel Su’a Voted on to UCC Board of Directors at General Synod

Daniel Su’a is currently a member of the CYYAM (Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministries) where he committed himself as a youth to the work of the council and to uphold the priorities of the church. He had the privilege to attend the 2019 General Synod as a delegate representing the Rocky Mountain Conference as a “Youth Delegate.” His roles in life revolve around helping others, whether that is in the church or in the community. In the community, he worked for a charter school called Ascent Academy. There, Daniel was one of the teachers in the Special Education Department. He was tasked with working one on one with 12-15 students from the 7th-9th grade. He helped students with homework, in class support, and helped students socialize with their peers. His roles can also be translated to his own church youth; he helped his father’s ministries by being the Choir Conductor and also the Sunday School Music Director. One of his goals is to become a Youth Pastor in the UCC and help the youth of tomorrow’s church. 

Some of Daniel’s accomplishments include a Bachelor’s Degree in Social and Behavior Science with an emphasis in Ethnic Studies from the University of Utah. He is currently employed by the 3rd District Court of Utah as a Judicial Assistant. In his free time, he likes to play music. Whether it’s playing the bass guitar for a band or practicing his piano skills, and also reading and socializing with friends. 

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