Rev. Dr. Tracey Dawson Offers Healthy Ministry Relationships (HMR) Training, Workshops, and Consultations

“Clergy who are near the breaking point often lack compassionate, supportive resources in the broader church community. Burnout results when clergy and their ministry partners ignore the warning signs; devastating boundary violations often follow, harming parishioners and derailing ministries. Effective training for clergy and lay leaders provides a tool for burnout intervention so that healthy ministry relationships may be restored,” says UCC pastor and former criminal court judge Rev. Dr. Tracey Dawson. Her article, “Whose Problem is Clergy Burnout?” has just been released in the November 18, 2020 issue of The Christian Century magazine.

Rev. Dr. Dawson has, over the past 18 months, led a task force of the Rocky Mountain Conference of the UCC in reimagining and redesigning traditional clergy “boundaries training,” expanding their scope and making them more engaging and participatory. Retitled as Healthy Ministry Relationships (HMR) training, workshops and consultations are currently offered online or in-person for active and retired ministers, church and denominational lay leaders, church boards, committees on ministry, seminaries, and persons in discernment of ordained call. They are available to and applicable for all mainline denominations.

For information about training or consultations in ministry relationship issues, contact: Rev. Dr. Tracey Dawson, or visit this website: