One Great Hour of Sharing 2021

This year, as we gear up for One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) Sunday on March 14, 2021, we have created many resources to help you promote the offering in your church. Sample packets of resources were created and mailed to every congregation. If you have not received your materials, you should within the next week. Resources are also available on the UCC website: If you are meeting in person, or want additional copies of any of the resources, you can order them from

Rebuilding the offering begins with you. Can we count on you to promote the offering through the sharing of videos, mission moments, stories, your sermon or whatever works best in your church or association? A few ideas are available in the 2021 Planning and Resource Guide.

Together, we allow God’s love to flow through us into the wider world. Thank you for promoting the OGHS offering and for your generosity.