Nominations Sought for RMC Board, Finance Committee, and Synod Delegates

The RMC Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for the following open positions.

Board of Directors:
Moderator: 1 year term, renewable once (Must be Lay person) Note: the RMC uses an intentional model of succession from Vice Moderator to Moderator whereby the Vice Moderator is groomed for the position of moderator. The bylaws leave the process open for additional nominations if someone else wishes to apply.
Vice Moderator: 1- year term renewable once (Must be Clergy) Note: Would follow the intentional model of succession process.
Treasurer (also serves as Chairperson for the Finance Committee) 2- year term renewable once

Finance Committee
Finance committee member: 2-year term renewable once

Synod Delegates
Synod delegate for 2021 Synod in Kansas City: Must be under 18 years old by Annual Celebration Meeting
Synod Delegate for 2021 Synod in Kansas City: Must be under 30 years old by Annual Celebration Meeting

The slate of officers, committee personnel, and Synod Delegates will be presented for election at the 2020 Annual Celebration. Persons may nominate themselves of be nominated by someone else as long as the one being nominated has given permission.

If interested, please submit a short bio or CV via the email address below by Friday, May 15th , 12:00 p.m.
For Further Information about these positions and their duties or to submit nominations, please contact Judith Baillie, Vice Moderator, RMC Board of Directors, or any member of the Nominations team: Karen Caton, Rev. Ken Ingrim, Rev. Logan Bennet, or Sheryl Crow.