Listening for the Holy, A Life Journey

ROBINSON LAPP is a United Church of Christ minister who has spent a lifetime “outside church doors” seeking to confront white privilege, systemic racism, and economic injustices.

Robb became a Civil Rights Activist in college. After ordination, while starting a new church in Colorado, he joined Martin Luther King, Jr. for the March on Washington, and later went to Selma. He soon organized and directed the Metro Denver Fair Housing Center. In helping create the New Town of The Woodlands in Texas, he developed the community’s governance and municipal services. After returning to Colorado, he mentored the creation of businesses that provided equal employment opportunities for women. In his mid-60’s, he co-organized and is still an active leader of Archway Housing and Services, Inc., a Colorado faith-based Non-Profit that builds low-income housing and provides social assistance for marginalized folks. In his ministry, he has been shot at, fired twice, and run out of town. Along the way, he has been a Protestant denominational leader and seminary trustee as well as an engaged husband and father.

He has learned over a lifetime that there is an unseen, life-creating force that calls all people to engage in making life work for everyone, regardless of the cost, the doing of which gives one courage and spiritual strength.

Listening for the Holy: A Life Journey: Robinson G. Lapp is available online now.

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