Last Chance to Register for Fall Spirit Spark Retreat!

Spaces are filling up, but there’s still time!

To register your middle- or high-school youth for our Fall Spirit Spark Retreat at La Foret (Nov. 3-5), head on over to our CampBrain registration portal and submit the application by midnight tonight. We’d love to keep the registration open for longer, but we need to get La Foret the final numbers on meals and beds in a timely manner. Thank you for understanding!

If for some reason you can’t complete the application tonight, please let us know. And of course, if there are financial obstacles, let us know as well, and we will do what we can to help! These concerns can be sent to Rev. Chris Gilmore at

From the Event Page:

This weekend is about embodiment. We will try spiritual practices and find one that best speaks to each individual. We’ll deepen trust—in ourselves, God, and others—and get in touch with our unique purposes for this life. Together, we’ll find the kaleidoscope of things that reflect hope in the world. Make faith yours; feel it in your bones.

Through large and small group activities, we invite and inspire campers to dig deep to discern what they believe and why they believe it. By the end of the weekend, youth will have assembled a special box full of La Foret magic and reminders of God’s ceaseless presence in their lives.

As a reminder, there are still plenty of open spaces for our Youth Mission Weekend (Nov. 18 & 19), also at La Foret!