Executive Director Transition

La Foret is thrilled to announce Brad Carroll has assumed the responsibilities of Executive Director. Brad brings over 30 years of experience in a career in camp, conference center and outdoor ministry leadership. He came to La Foret more than two years ago as the Assistant ED and has demonstrated his leadership through a critical time. We are thrilled and grateful to have him continuing in this expanded role. Please join the La Foret Board of Directors in congratulating Brad in this new position as Executive Director.

Larry is stepping aside after six years to concentrate part time on fundraising for La Foret and personal pursuits afforded by this partial retirement. Larry is a humble man, who doesn’t want a lot of praise and thanks for his work. Those of us who know Larry well cannot thank him enough for his leadership through a time of great change and growth at La Foret. We are thankful he will remain on in an interim/part time position as Development Director.

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