Email Scams

A few emails have recently gone out with attackers pretending to be Rev. Sue Artt. “Display name spoofing” is when an attacker registers a free email account (such as a Gmail account) and uses the name of the person that they are trying to impersonate. The giveaway is the email address, see below: <— REAL (all RMC correspondence has <— FAKE  

The best line of defense is vigilance! Look out for: 

  • incorrect email address
  • the sender asks you to buy gift cards 
  • the sender says they “need a favor,” are “in a hurry,” or are “out of the office and need this done ASAP”
  • there is poor grammar or punctuation 

If you receive an email you believe is fraudulent do not respond to the sender in any way, this will only encourage them. Delete the email right away and block the sender.

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