This is a testament to fluid communications across the conference and networked ways we can help each other. 

This past week La Foret was not making progress with its longstanding bank in applying for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan.  A member of the financial help team made a contact with a different bank for La Foret, the Treasurer of the RMC made multiple calls, and another individual shared information coming from his lawyer son.  It was a remarkable networked effort that unfolded in less than 24 hours, and La Foret has now made an application for this loan with the new bank.  Information flowed from three states, half a dozen people in as many churches. 

Why is this important?  The Financial Help Team is capable and available to you, and if you are meeting resistance or feel stuck, don’t stop. Take a little different tack and keep going!!!  You are connected radically, so take advantage of it!

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