When you give to the RMC, what a difference you make!

Hello, faithful members of the RMC!

It’s now easier than ever to support our Conference’s shared ministries! Just visit our “Give” Page or download the Tithe.ly app for your device—it only takes a minute to give, and it makes a HUGE difference. You can designate gifts how you’d like, and even set up a recurring donation. After you give, you’ll receive a donation receipt and a “thank-you” letter from Rev. Sue Artt.

“How does my gift actually make a difference?”

Solely due to your generosity, we’ve been able to create some awe-inspiring ministries together, including:

  • “In the Mud” grants to help churches work for and strengthen relationships with their immediate communities;
  • IGNITE Leadership Initiative to empower clergy and lay-leaders to be innovators in their local church setting;
  • Clergy Training series, including our recent weekend retreat on leading churches through transition;
  • Collaborative partnership with La Foret to create a shared Director of Transformational Programs role that will bolster our Outdoor Ministry;
  • Ad Hoc “So-That” Teams to further initiatives like local-church technology and communication, best-practice sharing, and youth ministry.

There’s more on the horizon, too, including a Conference-Wide Sacred Conversation on Racism, programs to help emerging churches increase their ministry, and a robust Resource-Hub on our website with a cache of helpful church resources.

All we’re doing—and all to come—is made possible through your gifts!

Whether $5 of $500, your support is absolutely crucial as we increase the capacity of our churches to effect positive change in Jesus’s name.

We humbly invite you to make a quick donation today; perhaps just $5 or $10 to see how it works! We also invite you share this in your own circles, along with an invitation for others to give and be a part of our shared transformational ministry.