The RMC Women’s Retreat is Almost Here!

Dear Women of the Rocky Mountain Conference:

Often, the thing we need most—time to rest and reflect—is the last thing we allow ourselves. For many, downtime actually makes us uncomfortable, rather than relaxed! “How can I rest when there’s so much to be done?” If you’re familiar with that kind of inner scolding, you know that our need for self-care is often at odds with what the world demands of us.

This is precisely why intentional self-renewal is so important, and why we enthusiastically invite you to join us at the 2019 RMC Women’s Retreat at La Foret!

From Friday, April 26 to Sunday, April 28, we welcome all women to gather with us as we take a deep breath, silence the mental racket and listen—to ourselves, to each other, and to God.  

Our theme is God So Loved the World, and Created Chocolate for Women. With this theme, we will explore the gifts we share with ourselves and others: Friendship, fun and laughter, forgiveness, presence, and prayerful silence will be a part of this sacred time together.

We hope you set aside this time for yourself; you will be glad you did! Register by April 12 to attend.


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