The RMC Endowment

The RMC Endowment Fund exists to ensure that the ministries and churches of the Rocky Mountain Conference will have the resources necessary to sustain the transforming power of the gospel long into the future. The Endowment Fund is a nonprofit, 501c3 affiliate of the Rocky Mountain Conference. All of the funds are invested with the United Church Foundation. You can learn more about the RMC Endowment on Prezi or by visiting the RMC Endowment Fund’s website. You can also learn more about how to donate to the RMC Endowment.

How does the Endowment help the RMC?

Mission and Ministry

The Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Church of Christ has a vision of becoming radically connected within our churches, among churches, and with other people groups and agencies that share a similar desire to shape the world though living the prophetic and revolutionary teachings of Jesus. Grants to the RMC support the annual budget, increasing the ability of the Conference to carry out its mission.

Children, Youth & Young Adult Ministries

Grants and scholarships to enhance the work of the UCC in the world, the USA and the RMC in such areas as Christian education, leadership, stewardship, camping, scholarships, educational ministries and seminary support specifically for children, youth and young adults that enable them to grow in their understanding of the Christian faith.

La Foret Conference & Retreat Center

La Foret is an extraordinary retreat center in Black Forest, Colorado. Minutes from downtown Colorado Springs and nestled in the woods at the base of Pikes Peak, La Foret serves as a spiritual and natural respite for faith communities, weddings, parties, corporate team building events,
festivals and more. Currently, La Foret is the core of the RMCUCC’s outdoor ministry, and we look forward to many more years in the future.

Church Revitalization & New Church Starts

Churches that discern and live a new, deeper sense of ministry must engage in revitalization. Support grants enable leadership to guide and support the discernment of new life. Conference and neighboring UCC churches identify communities where starting a new UCC community is promising. Funds support leadership and programming to begin the new congregation.

The Iliff Scholarship Fund

The Endowment funds an annual scholarship for a UCC student enrolled in a Master level degree who has a grounded understanding and loving appreciation for the interior life of the Church, coupled with an eye to the infinite positive possibilities the Church can bring to life in ways that advance peace, harmony, and justice in the world.

Archway Communities

In 1995, members of the Rocky Mountain Conference recognized a serious need for affordable housing in the Metro Denver area—and thus, Archway Communities (formerly Archway Housing and Services) was founded.

Today, Archway provides quality housing in 963 units whose residents include hundreds of families and children. As of July 2018, there are 10 total Archway facilities (eight in the Denver area and two in Fountain), and two more being developed (both in Lakewood, CO). Archway’s continued dedication and growth truly underscores the importance and need for affordable, quality housing in Colorado.

The Rocky Mountain Conference is honored to be in partnership with Archway, and we are proud that Archway’s ministry makes us a leader in affordable housing among regional United Church of Christ conferences.

Helping Local Churches

Your church can set up an endowment with a minimum of a $1000.00 to receive gifts and bequests from multiple donors. As your fund grows, the interest from the fund will provide support for the church’s mission. Using the RMC Fund alleviates the need for local church to establish separate endowment or create a board to manage and oversee the fund.