Supportive Oversight Subcommittee (SOS)

The SOS relates to Authorized Ministers (ordained, licensed, commissioned, OMPS, dual standing) holding Standing in the RMC, providing on-going support for the continued authorization for professional ministry. The SOS provides periodic vocational support to each Authorized Minister every 3-5 years. The SOS oversees the process for Authorized Ministers seeking Ecclesiastical Endorsement, periods of Leave of Absence, and requests for Exempt Standing. One of the goals of the SOS is to help build peer support among Authorized Ministers through Clergy Retreats, Communities of Practice, and ministerial collegiums. The SOS also oversees transfers of Standing in and out of the RMC. Please see the list below to learn more about various clergy requirements.

Contact Information: The Co-Chairs of the Supportive and Oversight Subcommittee (SOS) are TBD and Karen Winkel, and they can be reached at