Spring Retreat Registration Now Open!

Hello Rocky Mountain Conference / Friends of La Foret,

Our very first event of the year—Spring Youth Retreat—is now open for registration! Click here to register and view the event catalog. This retreat is open to all junior-high and high-school students.

Let’s face it: the rest of the world doesn’t put a premium on taking time to slow down and just be. Camp is a special place where all those things that define us in our day-to-day lives become… less important. At camp, kids can unplug from their devices and the demands of the outside world. They can focus on the joys of being centered, being silent, being still… and being with the Divine. Every retreat and camp has built-in times to simply be—an invaluable opportunity for simplicity in our otherwise cluttered lives.

As you are likely aware, the administration of RMC Camps at La Foret has transferred from the RMC Office to La Foret, with Logan Bennett serving as the new Director of Transformational Programming. With this comes a new registration platform! CampBrain served us well, but the new platform, Venue360, has proven to be much more intuitive for families.

If you are using Venue360 for the first time, you will need to set up a profile before you can complete registration. It’s very simple, and the system will guide you through the process.

Happy camping!