Spring Email List Cleaning

Ah, Spring Cleaning! Spring is the perfect time to clear away the clutter, dust off the cobwebs, and reorganize our things. Not just our physical things, but digital ones as well!

We will be refreshing our email lists with a Spring List Cleaning!

What does this mean for you, dear readers?
This means you may receive an email requesting that you reconfirm your interest in receiving the RMC’s ‘Connected at Our Roots’ email newsletter. If you are a clergy member or church staff member, you may also receive an email from us asking you to confirm that you are on the correct email list, and possibly asking you to sign up for a new (more efficient) email distribution¬†list.

Why clean the list?
In short, we want to make sure you are receiving the most relevant content from us. There are so many events, and opportunities throughout the RMC, we want to connect you to the ones that are right for you. More info on the new lists will be announced soon. In the meantime, keep an eye out for our reconfirmation emails.