RMC Office Closed, Contct Us Via Email

The RMC office will be closed today, Monday, October 28, in order to comply with CDOT’s recommendation to stay off the roads this morning. We hope you are able to do the same. Depending on the conditions, we may open the office late on Tuesday as well.

We will be working remotely today! You may reach us via email at any time. Here is a quick reference of email addresses for your convenience:

Rev. Sue Artt, Conference Minister: sue@rmcucc.org

Rev. Erin Gilmore, Associate Conference Minister: erin@rmcucc.org

Daryl Schreiber, Manager of Communication and Databases: daryl@rmcucc.org

Janice Travis, Financial Associate: janice@rmcucc.org

Melissa McCarl, Office & Digital Administrator: melissa@rmcucc.org

Please stay safe and warm out there, RMC folks!