RMC Clergy Responds to Presidential Election

It has been an extraordinarily contentious and drawn-out election season, and theoretically, it ended last Tuesday evening. But we have seen that our nation’s true test has only begun.

We are a diverse Conference in a diverse country, and the people of Rocky Mountain have likely felt just about every emotion possible in just a few days’ time. We are looking for answers; we are looking for guidance; we are looking for ways we can be brought together in love and mutual understanding. This is our tremendous charge as citizens of America and followers of Jesus.

On Sunday, many of our clergy delivered messages of endurance, unity, and courage, but also frustration, anxiety, and anger. We are grateful to them for their ability to hold space for all of these emotions, for all of our people.

Below, we have posted a few sermons that were given around the Conference on Sunday. Please read, ponder, respond, and share appropriately. No matter where you fall on the political landscape, processing this election will be the first step in our healing.