Rev. Tim Clark’s 25 Years with Union Congregational—Crested Butte

On Sunday, July 23rd, Union Congregational Church—UCC in Crested Butte, CO, celebrated 25 years with Rev. Tim Clark as their pastor!

The congregation and Tim have grown together in many ways over that time.  The church has increased in size, as well as in its diversity of beliefs: It is a true “community church” that mirrors the quirky nature of Crested Butte.

Since Tim’s arrival 25 years ago, programs have expanded considerably, including mission & outreach ministries to places as far away as Guatemala, Haiti, Kenya and Afghanistan! Worship at UCC has continued to be a place of nourishment for the gathered body, with Tim’s sermons as the focal point, and with new worship elements added all the time.

“We are truly blessed to have a thriving congregation and a highly capable ‘captain’ at the helm!” – Rev. Kelly Jo Clark, Associate Pastor of Union Congregational (and Tim’s wife 🙂

Member Keir Wark snapped some beautiful photos of the event: Click on each for the full-size photo!