Reflections on CA!4 from Daryl Schreiber

Congregations Alive! 4 was held February 7-9, 2019, at First Plymouth Congregational Church in Englewood, Colorado.

This past weekend I attended my first Congregations Alive! 4 (CA!4) event. Although I had heard of CA!4, I didn’t know what to expect going in. This event is part training, part education, and part inspiration. Workshops spanned an impressive range of topics; everything from mental health ministry to using the power of story to teach children about faith and justice.

Having now had the pleasure of attending, I can sum up my experience at CA!4 with these words: inspiring, challenging, and forward-looking. Inspiring to have so many incredible people of faith and action in one room. Challenging to discuss complex topics that affect our world and our faith communities. Forward-looking to consider all of the amazing things we can do together in the future!

After hearing two amazing keynote speakers Rev. Tracy Blackman, Executive Minister for Justice and Witness Ministries and for Local Church Ministries from the National Offices of the United Church of Christ, and Rev. Amanda Henderson, Executive Director of the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, I was certainly energized and excited by the possibilities tomorrow holds for us in the RMC. Tracy called upon us to explore new ways of ‘being church’ outside of our church buildings. Amanda encouraged us to communicate with love and empathy across divides of difference.

According to lay leader and CA!4 attendee Pat Hayes (Lakewood UCC), “Everything I’ve been to is outstanding,” and I couldn’t agree more with her! CA!4 was an amazing event, and I want to offer my personal thanks and a big, “Well done!” to the planning team. What an incredible three days, thanks to all who¬†came out in support of this event!