Next “In the Mud” Application Deadline: August 14, 2017

The year has flown by—we’re already more than halfway done with 2017 (!!!)—and the second cycle of “In the Mud” Grants is upon us!

As a refresher, these “In the Mud” Grants are the Conference’s new way of providing funds to churches to empower their local ministries. Until this year, the Conference distributed these funds directly to regional nonprofit organizations. Now, the funding process has changed to award Mission Funds directly to churches, so they can have a direct impact on their immediate communities. You can read more about the program on the “In the Mud” Grants page.

In the first grant cycle of 2017, 12 churches received a total of $11,000 to support their proposed ministries, which included supporting a women’s homelessness initiative, building an onsite mini-food pantry, and creating an outreach program for LGBTQ teens.

If your church has a current or proposed local ministry that needs funding, we invite you to submit your application by Monday, August 14, 2017. You can find the application, along with details on how to submit it, on the “In the Mud” page.