Listening Well, Leaning In Resources

It is hard to have important conversations with people you disagree with, in our current culture, increasingly so. Rev. Curt Preston and Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt of Lakewood UCC have put together a guide for facilitating a “Listening Well, Leaning In” conversation in your church.

The theory behind their approach is that when people are talking about their experiences, rather than the “issues”, they become better listeners. As Rev. Curt says, “The purpose of “Listening Well, Leaning In” is NOT to “solve” any issues, but to become better practiced at discussing difficult subjects with others.” Curt and Mollie have generously shared their “Listening Well, Leaning In” resources with us.


“Listening Well, Leaning In” Sample Outline

“Listening Well, Leaning In” Takeaways