“In the Flesh and Beyond” Art Show Now Accepting Submissions!

On Friday, April 7, Berkeley Community UCC in Denver will host “In the Flesh and Beyond,” an art show that asks artists to contemplate their own vision of Jesus. The Head Juror is Cecily Cullen, Curator and Managing Director at the Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Center for Visual Art.

The submission deadline is March 11, 2017; submissions are $25 per piece. To learn more about rules, deadlines, prizes, and more, please read the full Call for Entries. Those intending to submit work may submit this form; artists ready to submit their artwork to the show can do so by filling out the Submission & Loan form.

The description for the show is below. For any questions, please contact Jill Carstens with Berkeley Community UCC.

Prospectus: Most of us, whether religious or not, have a fixed mental image of Jesus Christ drawn from historic depictions. These mental images are often based on cultural stereotypes, political circumstance, and theological interpretation. However, a race- or gender-specific depiction of Jesus is limiting. In life, Jesus’ aim was to banish racial, social, and class distinctions. Jesus is, symbolically, “all in all”—everyman, everyperson. What is your visual interpretation of Jesus? Are your images of Jesus literal, metaphorical, or something else entirely? Berkeley Community Church (United Church of Christ) invites artists to use their chosen media to address their perspective.