IGNITE Launches This Week; Limited Coverage at Office

Blessings, Rocky Mountain Conference!

Today, the Conference launches the inaugural session of its IGNITE Leadership Initiative, taking place Monday evening through Friday morning at La Foret Conference & Retreat Center in Black Forest, CO.

The IGNITE Leadership Initiative is a new RMC program with the goal of developing strong church leaders in times such as these. The world is rapidly changing, and church is doing the same thing right along with it—and to be a church the world needs, we are committed to growing strong leaders who look toward the future, rather than the past.

There aren’t many programs out there like IGNITE. A big difference: Many leadership programs focus on personal and professional success as metrics. The IGNITE process is holistic and multifaceted, but the questions it asks are simple:

  • How do we faithfully lead when old solutions no longer work?
  • How might we dare to evolve our faith community and culture for times like these?

More news about IGNITE will emerge as the inaugural program continues, and we hope more people in the RMC have the opportunity to take part.

A Logistical Note: The IGNITE Planning Team has graciously invited the RMC Staff to take part in the program to help them grow as leaders as well, so there will be limited phone and email coverage at the Conference Office this week.

Calls and visits will be answered, however: Jan Hepp, former RMC Board Member and all-around wonderful person, has volunteered several hours of her time to cover our absence. We can’t thank Jan enough for her service. If you have a question this week that Jan isn’t able to answer, we will be sure to respond when we return next week, and we thank you in advance for your patience.

Congratulations to all IGNITE participants!