Grants & Funding Opportunities

Thanks to the RMC Endowment, the conference has a variety of grants and funding opportunities to help local churches expand and strengthen their mission. Two of the biggest funding opportunities for RMC churches include:

  • In the Mud grants: The purpose of the In the Mud Grants is to provide RMC churches with seed money for new, community engaging ministries. This means that our grantees demonstrate a desire to get their congregation “in the mud” with their local communities by actively engaging in missions that extend beyond the church walls.  A church may submit one application per year, award amounts vary based on the number and quality of applications received. Project examples include: after-school programs, food pantry, community gardens, educational events open to the public, improving online community (eg. purchasing tablets or internet for homebound folks,) partnering with your local community/other mission partner on projects. To learn more about the In the Mud program and fill out an application, please visit the In the Mud page.
  • The Tributary Fund: The Tributary Fund offers larger amounts of renewable funding. While In the Mud grants offer smaller funds for smaller projects, the Tributary Fund offers more significant funds for long-term funding, and it’s intended to support new churches, new ministries, or ministry revitalization projects. To learn more and apply, please visit the Tributary fund web page.
  • Please consult this chart to learn more about the differences between these two funds.

To learn more about how RMC Endowment funds can help your church, please visit the RMC Endowment page.