Go Tell It On the Mountain: Issue #1

After a very contentious event in early November, we shared a few sermons from RMC pastors that really hit the nail on the head. Or gave us hope. Or made us laugh. Or affirmed our anxieties and sadness.

Then, we heard back: “The sermons you shared were so powerful. I wish there was some way to share them regularly with the rest of the Conference.” We agreed.

Today, we invite you to read Issue #1 of our RMC sermon series, “Go Tell It On the Mountain” (we’re a mountainous Conference—it makes sense!).

Get your day started right with Rev. Karen Winkel’s sermon from Nov. 20, “Make Me a Refugee in a Kingdom Governed by Love.”

What would life look like, asks Shane Claiborne, if you and I and everyone else elected to place Jesus at the helm of our individual and collective lives? To explore this question, he wrote “Jesus for President.”