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We are committed to a culture of Radical Connection across the Rocky Mountain Conference. At our best, the people of the Conference are in meaningful conversation with their local churches, their pastor, their Association, the Conference, their community, and each other.

As we strive to create space for this connection, we welcome your ideas and talents. If you have any idea for how we can become more radically connected, email David Bristow, Director of Communication and Databases.

Our Newsletter:

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The best way to get the most RMC news is from our eNewsletter, Together. Its current incarnation is sent weekly, and is meant to be concise, engaging, and mobile-friendly.
You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Our Website:

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The RMCUCC website has everything you need to know about the RMC, including:

  • Church Information
  • Conference Directory
  • Camps & Events Schedule
  • Governing Documents
  • Meeting Agendas
  • Affiliated Ministries
  • Resources for Churches, Clergy, and Laity
  • …and much more!

Our Facebook Page:

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Our Facebook Page is sometimes used to post critical information, but it’s mostly used to share interesting stories and photos from our churches.
Examples of common Facebook Posts are:

  • Installation & Ordination Photos
  • Interesting News from Local Churches
  • National UCC News
  • Camp & Event Promotion
  • Shares from Affiliated Ministries and Orgs

Our Twitter Page: 

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Our Twitter Page is used almost exclusively for trending news from the U.S. and world. Much of the content shared comes from partner organizations, such as:

  • National United Church of Christ
  • Other UCC Conferences
  • Affiliated Ministries
  • Likeminded Denominations
  • Ecumenical Causes
  • Regional Nonprofits

Rocky Mountain Conference, United Church of Christ


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