Looking Back: Congregations Alive! 3

Photo credit: Rob Carlson

Congregations Alive! 3 began last Thursday afternoon, and concluded Saturday afternoon, with more than 160 registrants gathered to learn, connect, and worship.

Thursday began with a much-lauded Opening Worship with Rev. Lee Anne Bryce. Afterward, guests participated in Boundary Training offered by Rev. Dr. Tracey Dawson (UCC Parker Hilltop), multiple workshops led by clergy and lay-leaders from the RMC, and Rev. Dr. John C. Dorhauer‘s workshop, “Beyond Resistance: The Institutional Church Meets the Postmodern World.”

Friday’s content included workshops on using improv comedy in church; working effectively with teens and youth; how RMC churches can become A2A (Accessible 2 All), and more. After the workshops were over, guests were treated to an amazing meal catered by The Perfect Bite, a cocktail hour, and conversation. Then, all were treated to a Town-Hall event led once again by Rev. Dorhauer, the UCC’s General Minister and President. During the Town Hall, Dorhauer told stories of hope and love from UCC communities around the country, and gave thoughtful answers to questions from audience-members.

Saturday began with one more block of workshops, a Keynote Address from Rev. Leanne Hadley, and finally culminated in a worship offered by Rev. Dorhauer. Considering the caliber of the keynote speakers, the wisdom and dedication of the planning team, and the intentional organization of the schedule, it’s not surprising that this incredible (lay-led!) event brought in so many people from around the Conference.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank the Congregations Alive! 3 planning team, with a special shout-out to JoAnne Bogart, Jeff Bogart, and the RMC’s “Lunch Bunch,” a group of dedicated educators who’ve been planning this event for a long time. THANK you!