Welcome to the Conference Wide Committee on Ministry

The Conference Wide Committee on Ministry (CWCOM) is RMC’s governing body for handling all ministry-related matters. If you are relatively new to ministry or new to the RMC, this page has resources for you. If you are already a RMC pastor, this page also has resources for you.

The CWCOM is divided into 3 subcommittees, and each of them handles different ministry matters. Below, you can find descriptions of each subcommittee, along with contact information for subcommittee co-chairs, and links to each sub-committee page, which will contain resources relevant to your needs. Please note that all of these committees are run and chaired by volunteers. It may take us a bit longer than usual to reply to your inquiries, but we will do our best to be in-touch in a timely manner.

  • Formation and Authorization Subcommittee (FAS): The FAS subcommittee works primarily with individuals and churches who are new to the RMC. Please visit the FAS page if you’re interested in any of the following:
    • pursuing ordination in the UCC;
    • if you are already in the ordination process as a Member in Discernment (MID);
    • transferring your ordination status to the UCC from a different denomination (known also as Privilege of Call);
    • seeking Dual Standing (an ordination status in the UCC that is concurrent with ordination in a different denomination);
    • becoming an ordained ministerial partner;
    • becoming a UCC church.

The co-chair of the Formation and Authorization Subcommittee (FAS) is Rev. Amy Smith Ward, and she can be reached at cochairfas@rmcucc.org

  • Supportive Oversight Subcommittee (SOS): The SOS subcommittee handles all matters pertaining to clergy who already have standing in the RMC. Please visit the SOS page if you are interested in any of the following:
    • Transferring your standing into or out of the Rocky Mountain Conference
    • Situational support
    • Periodic review
    • Covenants
    • Clergy requirements

Co-Chairs of the Supportive and Oversight Subcommittee (SOS) are John Leland Berg and Kelli K. Parrish Lucas who can be reached at cochairsos@rmcucc.org

  • Accountability Subcommittee (ACS): The ACS handles all accountability and oversight matters. Please visit the ACS page to find more information about Annual Reviews and Fitness Reviews. Co-Chairs of the Accountability Subcommittee (ACS) Ronda Connaway and John Rostykus who can be reached at cochairac@rmcucc.org