Conference Minister Engagement Request

Would you like to have one of our Conference ministers engage with your congregation by offering a word on a Sunday morning, or leading a discussion on a relevant topic?

We are thrilled to present our new Conference Minister Engagement platform! Our Conference Ministers are eager to connect with you and your churches during this time of electronic worship and meetings.

Rev. Dr. Doug Wooten’s topics include:
Meditative Moment (15-30 mins)
COVID Response Q&A Session (15-30 minutes)
RMC Racial Justice Q&A Session (15-30 minutes)
Doing Ministry “Out of the Box” Q&A Session (15-30 minutes)
Our Church’s Wider Mission Q&A Session (15-30 minutes)
Edges of the Emerging Church (15-30 minutes)

Rev. Erin Gilmore’s topics include:
Greetings from the Conference (5mins)
Q&A with the pastor on what happening within the Conference (20 min)
Sermon Alternative: Turning to One Another: intentional conversations that matter (20 min)
Healthy Congregations (30-60 minutes)
Knowing and Finding Our “WHY?” (30-60 minutes)
Congregational Vitality Workshop (60-90 minutes)
Building Stronger Teams through Relationships (45-60 mins)
Art of Hosting Online (30-60 minutes)
What is OCWM? Learn more about the Wider Church (20-60 mins)

To explore all topics and formats this engagement might take, please see this online form.

Keep in mind that one electronic visit from Sue and Erin over the course of a year is a reasonable expectation; not all of these visits will be on Sunday mornings. Please be as specific as you can be with your requests and the Conference staff will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Thank you for your continued support of our shared ministries in the Rocky Mountain Conference.