Conference Inclusion Team

The Conference Inclusion Team (CIT) is a coalition of RMC clergy and lay leaders whose primary effort is to help guide and encourage local churches in the RMC to explore the possibility of the creation and adoption of an Accessible to All (A2A) Covenant.  The goal of the CIT is help RMC churches become truly accessible for all and welcoming to all. To learn more about the A2A process, liturgies for Access Sunday, and disability etiquette and other resources, please check out the links and resources listed below. We also encourage you to learn more about the work of the CIT by reading this recent blog post.

Interested in getting involved with the CIT? Please contact the current chair of the CIT:

Resources for Congregations

  • Looking for a quick overview of the A2A process? Visit the UCC Disabilities Ministries website: How to Become A2A
  • Looking for in-depth information about the A2A process? The UCC Disabilities Ministries offers this comprehensive guide to answer your questions, entitled Any Body, Every Body, Christ’s Body: A Guide for Congregations, Associations, and Conferences for Becoming Accessible to All.
  • Want basic tips and advice for how to make your community more accessible? Check out the A2A Disability Etiquette Guide to brush up on best practices.
  • Faith4All is a non-profit organization that helps religious communities become more accessible and welcoming to people with disabilities. Please visit their website to learn more about what Faith4All can do for your congregation.
  • Curious about how you can incorporate disability awareness into the life of your church’s worship? Consider celebrating Access Sunday this Fall. To learn more, check out the UCC Disabilities Ministries Access Sunday Resources.
  • The UCC Mental Health Network has information for churches that wish to become WISE Congregations. To learn more about how your congregation can become more inclusive of the mental health community and to see samples of WISE covenants, please visit the Mental Health Network website.