Colorado Council of Churches Issues Statement on the Partial Government Shutdown

Dear RMC Friends,

The partial Federal Government shutdown is currently affecting thousands of Coloradans. We wish to express our desire for unity during this difficult time, and call for the essential functions of our government to be restored as expediently and fairly as possible.

To that end, please read the following statement from Adrian Miller, Executive Director of the Colorado Council of Churches (CCC), which is also affirmed by our own Conference Minister, Rev. Sue Artt:

The partial Federal Government shutdown—now the longest in U.S. history—continues to take an unnecessary and formidable toll on Coloradans. As Christian denominational leaders, clergy, and religious professionals living together in Colorado, we stand united in support of the foundational value that a just and compassionate society requires an adequately funded and functioning government. We call on our state’s Congressional delegation to work with their colleagues to find a compromise that will end the shutdown as soon as possible.

The Colorado Council of Churches understands that border security is an important public policy concern. Yet, border security is just one aspect of comprehensive immigration reform. We affirm that asylum-seekers have legal status, and that our country is morally and legally obligated to address their needs according to international law. We support policies that recognize the humanity and value of everyone within our borders, whether or not they are here legally, as well as those who seek refuge here for economic or political reasons. As Christians, the call to treat one another with hospitality and compassion is primary, especially when someone is a “stranger.” The complexity of border security demands a full legislative debate that is separate from the budgeting process that funds the basic and essential functions of our Federal Government…

Read the CCC’s full statement here.