Call to Synod 2017: Baltimore, June 30-July 4

To everyone in the Rocky Mountain Conference: You are cordially invited to attend General Synod 2017 in Baltimore! This year’s theme: Make Glad!

Read Rev. John C. Dorhauer’s Welcome Letter

All churches are invited to send visitors to Synod; attendees do NOT have to be elected RMC Conference Delegates. The RMC’s delegates are listed below.

Since our election of delegates at the 2016 RMC Annual Meeting, a vacancy has arisen for the position of Youth Delegate to the 2017 General Synod. In the spirit of radical connection, we seek your help to identify, nurture, and encourage this youth!

Any person 18 years old or younger on February 28, 2017 are eligible. Nominations may be submitted by January 31, 2017 using this form. We encourage anyone to submit nominations, per the guidelines described in the form. Please share this information with others in your church to further extend our invitation.

Lay Delegates:

  • Jan Hepp—Metro Denver
  • David Bristow—Southeastern
  • Martha Jones—Western
  • Sara Schneider—Young Adult Rep.
  • OPEN—Youth Rep. (can come from any church)
  • John Rostykus—Board Moderator

Clergy Delegates:

  • Pat Gamble Hovey—Intermountain
  • David Bahr—Metro Denver
  • Hal Chorpenning—Platte Valley

Alternate Delegates:

  • Marijke Rossi—Intermountain
  • Vickie Golobic—Metro Denver
  • Curtis Preston—Metro Denver
  • Erin Gilmore—Platte Valley
  • Sandy Taylor—Southeastern
  • Heidi Hess—Western

General Synod 31 promises to be an exciting step forward in the life of our church—in a fabulous location! We in Rocky Mountain are especially eager for Synod, as our own Conference Minister, Rev. Sue Artt, will serve as Moderator. Rev. Artt is honored to be one of the few (perhaps only?) Conference Ministers in recent history to serve as Moderator of General Synod.

General Synod’s registration will open soon, and we will update you as information is available. In the meantime, please visit the Synod’s website.

Your Rocky Mountain Conference Leadership