Are Buildings Ministry, or are People Ministry? In Archway’s Case, it’s Both!

Submitted by Robb Lapp, President – Archway Housing and Services, Inc. 


Archway Housing and Services, Inc., a Mission Affiliate of the Rocky Mountain Conference UCC and 501(c)(3) non-profit, was started in 1997 as a mission of the Conference. Since then, we’ve created communities for marginalized and underserved people across Colorado. As of January 2019, Archway has developed affordable housing units in Arvada, Lakewood, Golden, Arapahoe County, Aurora, Denver, and Fountain.


We are currently constructing our 11th project, The Flats at Two Creeks—a 78-unit apartment building located at 14th Avenue and Gray Street in Lakewood, Colorado. The Flats are expected to be completed by the end of 2019. Once completed, we will have an astounding total of 642 low-income housing units throughout the Front Range.


Our residents often face multiple challenges in their struggle to find housing, including chronic homelessness, mental and physical disabilities, unemployment/underemployment, illness… the list goes on. Many of our residents are military veterans; we also serve a large population of immigrants from Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. Most of our residents are single-parent families with children.  


One of the many aspects that makes Archway so unique is our Social Service programming. Housing is vital, but it isn’t enough on its own—families must be empowered and equipped to succeed. To this end, we offer English classes, employment counseling, after-school tutoring, and activity programs for children whose parents are often at work. We also provide summer youth trips and activities for children in Archway affordable housing, and each of our properties features a weekly food bank to ensure that families and children have enough to eat.  


Finding funds for these family services is always a challenge. The support we receive from our RMC churches helps greatly in our joint effort to serve those people who are trying to stabilize their lives. This is very rewarding church work! It is an expression of the emerging truth that, as Christians, our most relevant work often happens outside our church doors. In other words, we must go out into the world in order to change it.


We now have a cadre of Champions: That is to say, folks from several RMC churches who are advocating for Archway within their congregations. This network of people united in ministry is evidence that we, the people of the Rocky Mountain Conference, are RADICALLY CONNECTED!


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