Archway Communities

In 1995, members of the Rocky Mountain Conference recognized a serious need for affordable housing in the Metro Denver area—and thus, Archway Communities (formerly Archway Housing and Services) was founded.

Archway Communities was founded with the belief that affordable housing is a crucial element in building healthy communities. In pursuit of that belief, we seek opportunities to purchase vacant land for new construction or renovate obsolete multifamily developments.  Shortly after we were founded, we began to recognize that residents need more than affordable housing to stabilize their lives — many were struggling with challenges like food insecurity, recovering from chronic homelessness, unemployment, single parenting, obtaining citizenship, and others. Archway Communities instituted the Supportive Services Program- resident focused, on-site programming- to address the needs of those living in our communities beyond simply providing a roof over their heads.  Today, Archway Communities is committed to elevating lives by providing access to affordable housing, food security and the supportive social services people need to thrive.

The Rocky Mountain Conference is honored to be in partnership with Archway, and we are proud that Archway’s ministry makes us a leader in affordable housing among regional United Church of Christ conferences.