About Us

What is the Rocky Mountain Conference?

We are a faith community of 73 United Church of Christ congregations in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming who support and nurture one another in local and wider ministry and mission. The United Church of Christ is an open and welcoming denomination of 5,000 churches and nearly 900,000 members that proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ, celebrates diversity, honors the gifts of all people, and seeks justice and peace for everyone.

Core Purpose:

The Rocky Mountain Conference exists to inspire, challenge, and empower generous faith and justice communities across the West.

Our Core Values

  • Covenant – While honoring autonomy, we engage in covenantal relationship with the Holy, our neighbors, creation, and ourselves
  • Enduring Faith – We express enduring faith in the transformational work of the Spirit
  • Continuing Testament
  • Extravagant Welcome
  • Changing Lives