A Post-Election Prayer

Below is a prayer offered by Rev. Tamara Boynton during the Conference-wide Prayer Call held on November 9, 2016. Click here to print or download a PDF version.


O Holy One,

We are a divided country, torn in two every four years when we realize the extent
of our differences and the passions of our convictions. Electoral College
numbers rise perilously in tandem. Fractions of percentages separate the
popular vote on election night. And we realize yet again with shock and sadness
and pain just how far apart we are.

And so we pray, Unite us, O God.

Because we are also a united country, called to transfer power in peaceful ways,
Called to trust the voice of the people and respect the leadership that our
democracy chooses. We are a United States, called to work together, to rise
together, to fall together, to work together, to become together, to listen and learn
from each other.

And so, we pray: Unite us, O God.

Because we are also a faithful people in this nation. We are united in you and
as Christians, as the United Church of Christ, we proclaim that we are united in
Christ. We are a people who are part of something

bigger than our differences,
bigger than our candidates,
bigger than the knots in our stomachs or the smiles on our faces,
bigger than our political parties,
bigger even than our nationality.

We are united in Christ: called to follow Jesus in word, thought, and deed,

loving and welcoming our neighbor,
loving our selves,
and proclaiming love and justice for ALL God’s children.

And so we pray, Unite us O God.

Unite us God in the work before us, whether today we rejoice or weep at the
outcomes from Election day, we call upon you, O Holy One, to

unite us in our healing,
unite us in our learning and listening,
unite us in our prayers for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Donald
Trump and all our leaders as they embrace new challenges, new roles, new
unite us in our calling to commit ourselves ever more faithfully to the
message of hope we uniquely proclaim in the UCC
and most of all, God,
unite us in our journey as we step beyond the campaign season and step
into the Light that you ever call us toward. May we look forward with hope to the
day when we can behold with wonder the great things we have co-created with

And so we pray, Unite us, O God. In Christ’s name, Amen.