A Fond Farewell to Cory Kibler

As you have probably heard by now, Cory Kibler, our Dir. of Communication Ministries, will be leaving the RMC at the end of this week. Cory and his family re-relocated to Lincoln, NE, in August 2018. Since then he has been working remotely, but now the time has come for him to move on to his next adventure! We asked Cory what he has planned next, and this was his response:

I’ll be starting my new role as Copywriter for Haberfeld Associates in downtown Lincoln on Monday, February 18. Haberfeld is a mid-sized marketing agency for small-town banks and credit unions. After the RMC and before Haberfeld, I’ll be taking two weeks off to work on creative projects, rest, and unplug from the daily work of the RMC.

We at the Conference want to take a moment to thank Cory for all his incredible work. He has done so much to move our conference forward, and for this, we are truly grateful. If you’d like to send Cory your thanks, you may do so at cory.kibler@gmail.com, after his well-deserved hiatus ending on February 18. We ask that you no longer contact Cory regarding RMC matters after January 31. Instead, you can contact our new communications guru, Daryl Schreiber at daryl@rmcucc.org moving forward.