Advocating for our Children’s Future

Yesterday afternoon, Rev. Amy Petré Hill of Mountain View United (Aurora, CO) joined Rev. Peter Sawtell and Rev. Allyson Sawtell of Wash Park UCC (Denver, CO) to participate in a rally supporting the “Our Children’s Trust” lawsuit, or Juliana vs. U.S. 

The plaintiffs are youth from all over the country (including the RMC) who are suing the U.S. Government for their role in our climate-change crisis. Specifically, the complaint of these 21 youth asserts that in enacting poor business practices and lax regulations, the U.S. Government has violated the youngest generation’s constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property, while also failing to protect essential public-trust resources. You can read more about the lawsuit on the Our Children’s Trust website.

The case was set to go to trial yesterday, but has been temporarily delayed by the Supreme Court.

Amy, Pete, and Allyson gathered at the Federal Courthouse in Colorado Springs at noon with parents, children, and people of many faiths who support the lawsuit. Parents of two of the plaintiffs were also present at this rally, which was just one of 29 being held across the country.

As Peter wrote in his Eco-Justice Newsletter a few weeks ago, this is an important environmental justice lawsuit that honors the UCC’s third Great Love, the “Love of Creation.”